Environmental Engineering Projects

Arrowhead Environmental Engineering, LLC is a full-service environmental engineering firm with a team of licensed of engineers trained in environmental sciences. Clients include municipalities, developers, factories, maintenance yards, lenders, insurers, and private property owners, for the purpose of handling environmental engineering projects.

Types of Environmental Engineering Projects

environmental engineering services

Types of environmental engineering projects offered to clients include…

Sample Environmental Engineering Projects Performed

Below is a sample of environmental engineering projects performed by Arrowhead Environmental Engineering, LLC over the years…

Gas Station Leak Cleanup – A rural gas station in Oklahoma needed help to remediate a set of leaking above-ground fuel tanks. It was discovered that fuel had been released into the subsurface from a leak in the system. Read about how Arrowhead Environmental assisted the owner to get financial assistance from the State, and initiated a cleanup process.

Underground Storage Tank Removal – This is a common, yet delicate environmental engineering project that is often needed throughout the rural areas of the country. Due in large part from gas stations going out of business, many have left their tanks in place for future owners to deal with. Read how Arrowhead Environmental performs this task throughout the United States.

Phase I Environmental Assessments – Arrowhead Environmental has performed hundreds of Phase I ESAs over the years. Clients include commercial lenders, realtors, or investors seeking to purchase properties. Standards adopted by ASTM International, (specifically ASTM E1527-21), “All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI)” are utilized.

Environmental Remediation Services – A petroleum contaminated site in rural Oklahoma needed some 1,000 cubic yards of impacted soil removed. Read how Arrowhead Environmental developed the excavation plan to protect the adjacent ODOT Highway 70 from damage.

Dam & Spillway Inspection Service – In May of 2019, one of the worst rain storms in Oklahoma history struck Cedar Lake, filling the reservoir to capacity, eventually breaching the dam and threatening nearby homes and businesses. Read how Arrowhead Environmental inspected the damage and made recommendations for repairs.

Silt & Clay Removal Service – Wintersmith Lake, located in Ada, OK, suffered from an accumulation of silt and clay, threatening its aquatic habitat. Read how Arrowhead Environmental prepared an excavation plan, including a dewatering process, and implemented measures to protect native species of fish, birds, turtles, and beaver.

SPCC Consulting – Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures is a federal requirement for facilities with above ground storage tanks. It’s one of many environmental engineering projects needed. Read how Arrowhead Environmental created an SPCC plan for a 20,000 gallon AST facility in rural eastern Oklahoma.

Locating Underground Storage Tanks – It’s common for purchasers of commercial and retail property to identify the location of legacy underground storage tanks (UST) left over from previous owners. Read how Arrowhead Environmental uses specialized equipment to located these legacy USTs.

Utility Relocation Services – The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed to improve drainage along a portion of State Highway 1. This required the relocation and rerouting of municipal water and sewer lines. Read how Arrowhead Environmental assisted the State by taking charge of the utility relocation process.

Hire Arrowhead to Handle Environmental Engineering Projects

Arrowhead Environmental Engineering, LLC is a fully licensed and accredited environmental engineering firm with offices in Oklahoma and Michigan. Its team of qualified environmental engineers can be dispatched across the Plains and Midwest states to any project site.

Whether it is an environmental assessment, a remediation service, a compliance project, or a geophysics study, Arrowhead Environmental is ready and qualified to meet projects needs.

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