ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Service

astm phase I environmental site assessment

Our team of environmental professionals are fully qualified to conduct an ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). Many banks, lenders, and financial institutions have already hired us to conduct Phase I ESAs using standards established by ASTM International.

Our ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Services

An ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment is an investigation of a property’s current and historical use. Our process starts with visiting the property to evaluate current and historical use in order to determine potential hazardous environmental conditions that might be present on the property.

  • Our ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment involves an on-site inspection with detailed photography to document conditions.
  • We also review government records for information about past ownership and uses and determine if any were likely to involve hazardous materials.
  • Research for current or former presence of above and underground storage tanks containing pollutant materials.
  • Legacy research of the property using historical maps and older aerial photos.
  • Interviews with the current occupant and/or other knowledgeable parties may be required to gain additional information.
  • We prepare a written report noting all points of concern, if any, including remediation suggestions.

Once we have completed our ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, we will summarize any concerns identified on the property and make recommendations about what actions, if any are needed. A recognized environmental condition (REC) will indicate known contaminants or the potential for the subsurface to have been impacted by contamination (either from the subject property or possibly from an offsite source).

If concerns are noted and remediation is recommended, our company will be available for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.

Why Hire Us For an ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment?

Our company has performed hundreds of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments ranging from old gas station lots to industrial complexes. Financial institutions across the Midwest and Plains have relied on us to assess environmental conditions, saving them millions of dollars in defaulted loans.

  • We have a track record of timely work and thorough assessment.
  • We focus exclusively with lands across the Midwest and Plains and possess an acute knowledge of the geology and topography.
  • We capable of dispatching a qualified environmental engineer at a moment’s notice.
  • We employ ASTM E1527-21 standards for Phase I ESAs.

Why is an ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Necessary?

An ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment researches the historical use of a property as part of a commercial real estate transaction. The intent of the report is to determine what if any environmental threats may exist on the property prior to the completing the transaction. Threats that may pose a risk to environment and/or human health could create a liability for the lender and/or owner of the property. These risks will very likely reduce the value of the property, and could stop development entirely.

Courts have held that the buyer of a property will become liable for remediation efforts even if contamination was the result of a previous owner. An ASTM Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will satisfy the requirements of CERCLA’s (Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act) innocent land owner defense under All Appropriate Inquiries (AAI).

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