Licensed Phase I ESA Specialist

Our company is well versed in numerous, lender-specific scopes of work. We can dispatch a licensed Phase I ESA specialist to you anywhere throughout the Plains and Midwest states.

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessments include extensive documentation of a property’s environmental condition, a study of its historical uses, and our recommended plan of resolution for detected environmental conditions. We also perform ASTM Phase II Environmental Site Assessments.

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Phase I ESA Projects We’ve Completed

Our staff has conducted well over 100 Phase I ESAs across the United States over the past 30 years. Our clients are usually commercial lenders, realtors, or investors seeking to purchase commercial, industrial, or residential properties. We offer competitive rates, speedy turnaround, and decades of extensive experience.

We utilize standards adopted by ASTM International, (specifically ASTM E1527-21), “All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) Phase I Environmental Site Assessments”.

Where We Perform Phase I ESAs

Our company has offices in Oklahoma and Michigan. Most of the Phase I ESA studies we perform are located in these two states. However, we have also been hired to work on projects in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota and Indiana.

Our team of licensed environmental engineers are ready to be dispatched to your project site.

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