Cedar Lake Dam

Cedar Lake is located in central Oklahoma, adjacent to the Town of Cedar Lake, southwest of El Reno. Cedar Lake Dam is an earthen barrier that created the lake that now supports camping, picnics, boating, and swimming.

In May of 2019, one of the worst rain storms in state history struck the area, filling the lake to capacity, eventually breaching the dam and threatening nearby homes and businesses.

Dam & Spillway Inspection Service

Our company performed annual inspections of the earthen dam. We reviewed data from piezometer readings and reviewed past engineering work on the dam after the breach event. We inspected the spillway and made recommendations for repairs.

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We are a team of licensed and certified environmental engineers, uniquely qualified to assess dams, spillways, levees, and other water-supporting structures. We have been hired by cities, counties, and other municipalities for our extensive experience in civil engineering works.

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