Wintersmith Lake

Wintersmith Lake, also known as “Ada City Lake”, is located in Ada, OK. It is the main fixture of Wintersmith Park, a recreation area created by a joint effort between the Civilian Conservation Corps and the Works Progress Administration in the 1930s.

Over the decades, silt washing in from Lake Creek and other nearby washes, along with a build-up of clay, had accumulated, threatening to flood recreation facilities, and decrease the lake’s ability to support aquatic life.

Silt and Clay Removal Services

Our company was brought in by the City of Ada to prepare an excavation plan. We obtained permitting for removal of 30 years of silt and clay buildup. The project entailed dewatering the lake and removing material in accordance with US Army Corps of Engineers guidance.

We drew up plans for the dewatering process and the dredging procedure. Trucks were brought in to remove the silt and clay.

Special care was needed to ensure that animal habitats would not be damaged. We implemented procedures to protect fish, birds, turtles, and beaver.


Hire us to Develop Your Lake’s Restoration Plan

Our company has been hired by local and state agencies to develop plans for silt and clay removal. We’ve successfully restored the ecosystems of ponds, lakes, and reservoirs, both public and private.

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