Utility Relocation Services

Utility relocation is a service we perform for municipalities, state agencies, and property owners throughout the Plains and Midwest states. The need to relocate water lines, sewer lines, and associated facilities has increased with the widening of highways, development of new communities, and modernization of infrastructure. Our team of environmental engineers are licensed and experienced to perform utility relocation services.

Our Utility Relocation Service Process

Our utility relocation service starts with coordinating efforts with all stakeholders involved, including local municipalities, state agencies, and affected property owners…

  1. Our process begins with the identification of all affected utilities in the area.
  2. We perform a survey of the area, including the study of geography, review of historical records, and the creation of a base map.
  3. We will determine a preliminary relocation plan, a timeline, and meet with affected stakeholders and discuss conflicts.
  4. Once all conflicts have been resolved, and agreements have been made, the relocation efforts are put into place.
  5. We monitor all work and make adjustments based on new findings.

The need to expedite construction projects is why our process has proven successful. Having to relocate utilities can otherwise delay the widening of highways or increase the cost of a new retail development. Our goal is to prevent project costs from rising, while keeping due dates on target.

Relocation of Utilities Along State Highway 1, Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) needed to improve drainage along a portion of State Highway 1. This involved the relocation and rerouting of municipal water and sewer lines. We reviewed engineering plans and specifications and obtained permitting for relocation of these lines. Our team of engineers recommended and determined suitability of construction materials. We monitoried construction in the field and coordinated with the client and ODOT throughout.

Hire Our Utility Relocation Team

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