Locating Underground Storage Tanks

Locating underground storage tanks (UST)  is a service we provide often due to strict environmental laws and regulations that require the identification and removal of legacy USTs. Our company possesses the equipment and knowledge to identify the location of underground storage tanks.

Underground Storage Tank Location Service

Our company has been frequently called upon to locate underground storage tanks (USTs) throughout the Plains and Midwest states. In Oklahoma, where we maintain one of our offices, we’ve been hired by developers, property owners, and financial institutions to sweep areas in search of suspected underground storage tanks.

  • We are capable of identifying the presence of an underground storage tank, as well as locating where an underground storage tank had once been.
  • Our equipment can send signals through concrete and asphalt. We can even tell you how thick these surfaces are, and whether or not there is supporting rebar.
  • Our equipment can detect storage tanks made of any material, metal, fiberglass, or plastic.
  • We can tell you the depth of the UST.
  • We provide services for private property owners, developers, insurers, and lenders.

Underground Storage Tank Location in Oklahoma

Our company was hired by the owners of a Family Dollar storage in Oklahoma. After a parking lot was constructed for their store, it was discovered that the developer missed a potential buried fuel tank from historical usage. Even though the parking lot was already paved over with concrete, we were still fully capable of locating the underground storage tank.

We designed a non-destructive geophysical survey, using electromagnetic equipment, to clear the area including the likely location of the old fuel tank.

Data was collected and analyzed, and a likely target location was defined. We produced a graph identifying the precise location and depth of the potential tank. Excavation was recommended.

Hire an Underground Storage Tank Location Service

Do you need to hire an underground storage tank location service? Our team of licensed environmental engineers is ready to bring our equipment to your location and get started. We will sweep the area to locate that tank, and note the locations of other anomalies.

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