SPCC Consulting

Our company offers SPCC consulting (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures). We are fully licensed and credentialed to visit your facility, assess oil storage equipment and operations, and create an SPCC plan that meets all legal requirements. SPCC plans are a federal requirement that was implemented as part of Oil Pollution Prevention regulations implemented in 1973.

SPCC Consulting Projects We’ve Completed

Our team of environmental engineers have written numerous SPCC plans over the decades. In Oklahoma and Texas, where the oil industry has an intense footprint, we’ve performed SPCC consulting for facilities of all sizes.

  • We maintain continuous observation of the latest EPA regulations concerning petroleum products.
  • We are fully aware of state laws and regulations concerning petroleum product handling and spills.
  • We review all historical documents, including previously filed SPCC plans.
  • We produce maps and diagrams.
  • We create countermeasures and protocols to prevent against spills.
  • We provide on-going support and assistance to ensure your staff is capable of adhering to the SPCC plan.

SPCC Consulting in Oklahoma

We were called upon to create an SPCC plan for a facility in rural eastern Oklahoma. This facility possessed 20,000 gallons of above-ground petroleum storage (AST) capacity.

Our company mobilized a licensed professional engineer who reviewed historical reports, plans, and drawings, then carefully assessed the facility and surrounding geography. Care was taken to identify the direction of storm water drainage and ground absorption. Observation of current operations was documented, along with condition of existing storage tanks and equipment. Our engineer then studied weak points, noting where potential for spillage and leakage could occur.

We prepared and certified a Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan that met current EPA regulations. We made recommendations for corrective changes in stormwater runoff diversion, spill containment, and spill cleanup and reporting.

Ready to Hire an SPCC Consultant?

We have a team of environmental engineers fully licensed and credentialed to write up SPCC plans. We follow all local, state, and federal requirements, and we handle the entire SPCC plan process from start to finish.

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