Environmental Remediation Services

Our company offers environmental remediation services. The need to remove contaminants from soil, surface water, and groundwater has increased in recent years due to impacts on health and environment.

Our team of qualified environmental engineers are licensed and certified to perform environmental remediation services. We are trained for HAZMAT and OSHA protocols. We obtain all necessary permits and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements.

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About Our Environmental Remediation Services

We will dispatch a licensed and certified environmental engineer who will conduct an analysis of the affected property. All possible remedial technologies will be evaluated to determine the most efficient option for your site. We will execute the entire remediation plan from start to finish, which will include assessment of the property, creating a strategic plan of action, implementing the plan, and preparing a report. Our goal is to deliver a project site free of contaminants.

We make use of the latest in environmental technology and practice to ensure a remediation process that satisfies all local, state, and federal requirements. Our choice of tools and strategies are based on the type of contaminant, extent of the impact, the affected medium (soil, water, sediment), geological conditions, regulatory guidelines, and costs…

  • Excavation – digging out affected earth and replacing with fresh, or cleaned soil
  • In-Situ Remediation – cleaning polluted groundwater on site
  • Ex-Situ Remediation – removing polluted groundwater, cleaning it, then bringing it back
  • Bioremediation – introducing microorganisms and/or specific plants to remove or neutralize contaminants
  • Chemical Blending – introducing new substances into the earth to neutralize contaminants
  • Soil Vapor Extraction – injecting air or steam into the earth to force contaminants out

Environmental Remediation Services We’ve Performed

Our company has performed environmental remediation services at project sites mostly in Oklahoma and Michigan, which is where we have our office locations. But we have performed these services in Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Minnesota.

Contaminated Soil Excavation, Southeastern Oklahoma

At an on-going petroleum contaminated site investigation that we had managed for several years, it was determined that approximately 1,000 cubic yards of impacted soil would be excavated and disposed. We developed the excavation plan to protect the adjacent ODOT Highway 70 from damage, obtained all relevant permitting for the effort, and inspected the operation to completion. The project was later closed after successful additional sampling and risk assessment analysis that we conducted and provided to the state.

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